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OM SPACE is an education and therapy platform that helps people to achieve success in all areas including personal empowerment, wealth and money, relationship and marriage, business and career, family relationship, health and wellness and interpersonal skills. We gather all the professionals and entrepreneurs in our platform and create happiness and success together!

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Hiring Job Position: Marketing Executive
Job Position Requirement
  • Candidates must possess at least Diploma education level.
  • Language: (Main) Mandarin, (Sub) English.
  • Candidates must be competence in digital marketing such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram.
  • Proficient with computer skill such as Microsoft Office, Canva, basic video editing software.
  • At least 1 year of relevant experience is required.
  • Have patience and passion in helping people!
Job Goal and Objective
  • To promote the company branding, product/service branding and professional branding awareness to the market.
  • To generate leads and enquiries towards company products and services.
  • To increase company growth in revenue and market expansion.
Job Description
  • To constantly study and research on new market trends and digital marketing insight, regularly optimise marketing strategy to meet the market transition.
  • To study the analytics from social media and website and optimize the marketing campaign.
  • To complete research projects for upper management related to various issues such as market competitors, nation market share, demographic and location.
  • To conduct research and identify new market and new customer needs.
  • To optimize brand and service presentation across our entire online presence, including keyword research and pricing strategies for the purpose of maximize sales and profitability across.
  • To create, manage, execute and maintain digital marketing and advertisement platform.
  • To promote company products and services to target audiences via marketing platform.
  • To work together with the marketing strategic partner and the team to develop impressive marketing campaign.
  • To achieve KPI and company goal with the team.
  • To assist in ad hoc task and other task that superior assign to.

Employee Benefit
  • Salary included EPF, SOCSO, EIS, PCB and HRDF contribution
  • KPI Performance Incentive
  • Annual Performance Bonus
  • Public Holiday Leave
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Paid Annual Leave
  • Overtime allowance
  • Medical allowance
  • Staff Discount up to 30%
  • Employee insurance coverage
  • Flexible working day and hour (Shift rotation)
  • Career advancement and development (Up to C-Level)
  • Career and Professional training program sponsorship
  • Career training and programs
  • Work 5 days per week
Salary Package

Basic Salary + KPI Performance Incentive + Annual Performance Bonus + Promotion Opportunity
Basic Salary Range start from RM3000 to RM5000 (depends on candidates’ professional skill, competency level, work experience and education level.)

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