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We are hiring! If you are an awesome individual looking to join a passionate team, we want you!

Om Space is an education and wellness platform that helps people to achieve success in all areas such as personal empowerment, wealth and money, relationship and marriage, business and career, family relationship, health and interpersonal skills. We gather all the professionals and entrepreneurs in our platform and create happiness and success together.

Job Position Requirement

  • Candidates must possess at least diploma education level.
  • Language: (Main) Mandarin, (Sub) English.
  • Candidates must be competence in digital marketing such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram.
  • Proficient with computer skill such as Microsoft Office
  • At least 1 year of relevant experience is required.
  • Have patience and passion in helping people!

Job Goal and Objective

  • To create new and creative media content and boost the reputation on digital marketing platform.
  • To develop lead generation from multiple marketing channels.
  • To maximize the profit through developing the creative media content.

Job Description

  • To research, create and edit graphic content, video content, creative motion content for events, social media, website and other forms of media by adapting the latest market trend.
  • To manage and create different types of graphic and video contents to adapt and implement in the digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram and etc.
  • To perform and establish a clear story-line on photo and video shooting and post-production editing, able to apply suitable after effect, animation, subtitles, and soundtrack.
  • To brainstorm and perform new ideas of video content, script, footage and angles for video shooting and editing.
  • To analyze projects for technical, time, material, and budget the requirements, plan and schedule the productions, and determine equipment and location needs.
  • To strategize and execute media content programs to engage audiences and followers which is able to generate sales lead to the company.
  • To work together with the marketing team and develop impressive marketing content and awareness campaigns.
  • To serve as video editing consultant and troubleshooter.
  • To achieve KPI and company goal with the team.
  • To assist in ad hoc task and other task that superior assign to.

Company Benefit

  • Performance Incentive
  • Annual performance Bonus
  • Provide EPF, SOCSO and EIS
  • Provide professional training before you on board!
  • Working Hours: 5 days/week (Mon-Fri or Wed-Sun), 9am-6pm

Salary Range

Monthly RM2500 and above

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